Miracote® products, by Crossfield Products Corp., provide Scientifically SuperiorTM technologies for plywood and concrete protection and restoration offering a complete line of protective coatings, waterproofing membranes and repair materials. Miracote applications restore concrete to “like new” appearance and provide enhanced visual interest through a wide range of available colors, textures and patterns. These environmentally friendly products are water-based, solvent-free and user friendly. The Miracote product line was created to meet the growing demand for materials designed to restore, protect and beautify concrete surfaces. Most of the materials in the Miracote product line are water-based, making them safe, easy to use and environmentally friendly. Typical Miracote applications include: concrete balconies, pool decks, parking decks, sidewalks, patios, driveways, atriums, lobbies, stucco and parapet walls.

Miracote’s materials restore concrete that has deteriorated to “like new” appearance. There is an enormous worldwide demand for materials that bring worn concrete back to life. Concrete deteriorates in response to normal aging, acid rain, salt attack, and high traffic and Miracote products are specifically designed to restore its appearance and provide additional serviceable longevity. Miracote’s decorative materials that not only restore the concrete, but offer a wide variety of design and finishing options that create appealing aesthetic finishes. Textured finishes, simulated brick, tile, and flagstones are all achievable with Miracote. To meet the need for architectural paving, Miracote introduced its stamped overlay system, Mirastamp, which comes complete with overlay screed, liquid release, stains and sealers. Waterproofing systems, pigmentation products, coatings and sealers are also available.

Miracote systems are distributed by building material supply companies that cater to masonry, coatings and waterproofing contractors. To find you local Miracote distributor please click here. Remember, whether your concrete is in need of repair or just needs a face-lift — Don’t Replace It, Miracote It.